Types of Braces at Cherre Orthodontics

Braces at Cherre Orthodontics are designed with your smile in mind. To ensure your orthodontic treatment is as pleasant and effective as possible, we emphasize listening to our patients, getting to know them and working with them to find the best orthodontic solutions to fit their unique lifestyle. Dr. Cherre offers a variety of orthodontic treatment options, including traditional metal braces, new Iconix™ gold metal braces, Clarity™ ceramic brackets, Invisalign® clear aligners, and lingual braces.

Length of Treatment

Regardless of the type of orthodontic treatment you and Dr. Cherre choose, the length of your treatment depends entirely on the specifics of your needs. Every case is unique, so every timeframe is unique. Most cases last about 24 months, depending on several factors including your cooperation, however some cases need less time, and some go longer. Dr. Cherre will discuss your treatment length during your consultation at our Ellisville orthodontic office.

You’ll also need to visit Cherre Orthodontics every four to six weeks for adjustments, and for Dr. Cherre to keep an eye on your progress. If you’re using clear aligners, you’ll receive several sets of aligners at these appointments.

Traditional Metal Braces

metal braces

Our braces come traditional silver metal and new gold metal, which can be paired with any number of colored elastics to create individual “braces personalities,” with looks that can be changed to another color-coordinated profile at any time. The color options are endless!

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

clear braces

Clear braces work the same way as metal braces, but they are far less noticeable and softer around the lips and cheeks. The brackets are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth. Clear braces are a great option if you are concerned with aesthetics but can’t use Invisalign.

Clear Aligners


Customized clear trays that fit over the teeth and are worn for about two weeks at a time, then changed to the next set. The trays are custom made to move the teeth progressively with each set worn in order. The ideal Invisalign candidate is responsible enough to follow the guidelines set by Dr. Cherre to wear the trays all the time and switch them as directed, usually every two weeks.

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